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Contingency Planning & Gap Analysis

Planning for potential threats is extremely important. Creating, testing and implementing a contingency plan based on risk assessments evaluated by qualified professionalS is an ideal process to properly protect against potential threats and incidents that may occur. The Oil Spill Contingency Plan is the Core of the OSR Program. The OSCPs are designed to prepare companies and guide pre-identified personnel through processes required to respond to an oil spill and also to coordinate all aspects of the response to an oil spill.

With in-house resources and experts or through a network of trusted consultants, Elegy can prepare, write and submit any Risk Assessment, Contingency or Emergency Response Plan that your facility or organization might need. Planning includes the evaluation of spill risks and scenarios, adherence to national and international  legislation and obligations, estimation of equipment required to mitigate an incident, sensitivity mapping, trajectory modelling, tactical response plans, notification procedures, reporting, documentation and media response.

ELEGY offers a variety of contingency plan packages for:

  • Offshore production and drilling campaigns (including pipelines)

  • Ports, harbours, coastal facilities and marinas (facility oil spill contingency plans)

  • Local authorities such as municipalities, prefectures etc

  • National/competent authorities, governments and regional organizations