Response Services


Elegy is NOT an Oil Spill Response Organization, therefore doesn’t have own resources to mobilize for a spill that can happen anywhere, anytime. But actually who has? 


What Elegy has and it is probably the most vital element in a prompt response following a marine accident is an excellent, reputable and trusted network of qualified contractors, resources and experts, including our own ones that can contact, mobilize and contract for any related project. More specifically Elegy can provide the following support services:  

  • Identify available equipment stockpiles or response personnel in the vicinity of a spill or in the wider region. 

  •  Identify experts of various disciplines such as OSR experts, Crisis Managers, Wildlife response experts, Waste management contractors or advisors, specialized Legal advisors etc.

  • Negotiate price list and charges on our client’s behalf

  • Arrange all the necessary logistics such as air or sea freight, local transport, documentation, identifying and contracting oil recovery vessels, barges, salvage vessels and equipment

  •  Assist in preparation of technical reports as per ITOPF and IPIECA guidelines’ such as SITREPS, delivery reports and also write media release statements, shoreline studies, guides for selection and description of selected clean up methods, clean up endpoints based on best industry practise and guidelines etc. 

  • Prepare claims’ file as per IOPC Funds’ guidelines and templates. 

  • Negotiate or communicate on our clients’ behalf with P&I Clubs, Shipowners, IOPC Fund, ITOPF and other Stakeholders (ie. Local authorities) for the technical delivery of the project until settlement of the claim

  • Assist in the Oil Spill Waste Management by providing advice on proper segregation, temporary storage and identify licensed contractors or suitable treatment or disposal facilities for each waste category. If export of waste is required, Elegy can arrange the packaging, labelling, shipping and final treatment in licensed hazardous waste facilities in Europe along with suitable contractors and in accordance with the Basel Convention. 

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