Equipment Solutions


A.1    Selection and recommendation of equipment

Elegy will assist clients to select the most suitable oil spill response and marine environment protection equipment considering their budget, risk profile and national or other applicable legislation by providing different options while showcasing  the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Having established relationships and agreements with reputable (mainly EU based) manufacturers, we will also ensure that pricing is reasonable and competitive. The equipment range we cover includes among else:

  • Containment Booms

Booms can include fence, curtain, inflatable, permanent and tailor made solutions:  Depending on the local conditions and the facility or the operation, we will recommend the right type and specifications such as height, fabric material and quantity that you require.

Curtain Boom.JPG
  • Single vessel containment and recovery systems

Elegy can study client’s available vessels, the different scenarios and accordingly design and deliver bow and side skimmers, sweeping arms and other tailor made systems for their boats and vessels.

  • Recovery Devices

Skimmers can vary from oleophilic – brush/disk/belt-brush/drum, weir type to vacuum systems. Likewise, Elegy will assist clients to carefully choose the right type of skimmer, the required capacity and number of recovery devices needed in each case, depending on oil types, viscosities and risk scenarios.

  • Temporary Storage equipment 

These usually include open top frame tanks, inflatable barges, towable bladders, pillow tanks, drums etc. Most operations fail or have to temporarily stop due to unavailability of temporary storage facilities; this is one of the most underestimated pieces of equipment in the spill response industry. We will ensure that our clients have considered and made available adequate temporary storage equipment.

  • Dispersant and dispersant spraying systems 

Elegy will source approved and environmental friendly last generation dispersants and dispersant spraying systems suitable for each client’s operations, facilities or vessels.

dispersants 3.jpg
  • Sorbents and Spill kits 

Elegy can provide sorbent packages in bulk and kits of various capacities and types (Marine/Oil, Hazmat, General Purpose, Antistatic) in order to meet any market need. Our engineers wouldassess any facility or customers can simply tell us the specific kit requirement or types and quantities they want and we will arrange a prompt delivery. When the absorbents are used, Elegy can arrange proper waste disposal, via approved licensed subcontractors. 

  • Marine and coastal solutions 

These can include silt-screen, advanced net booms, anti-terrorist barriers and bespoke systems to address any marine environmental issue a client can face.

  • Spill Detection Systems 

Elegy in cooperation with reputable technology providers can identify and recommend the most suitable spill detection system, infrared cameras and related software.